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Wild Jack Casino is a modern online casino real money that offers both Roulette and its eponymous Blackjack games, as well as dozens of other table games such as Baccarat, Craps, Poker, and of course everybody’s favorite, Slots. Each game has a number of variants of both traditional and modern versions- with over 700 games on offer and new titles coming out each week, there is sure to be something to satisfy any palate!

Casino Platforms

The site is part of the Microgaming Jackpot Factory Group (which includes both the All Slots and All Jackpots Casino), a well-reputed casino group run with the famous Viper software. There are both online and downloadable versions of the Casino readily available and specialized Mobile Casino apps for both Apple, Android platforms, as well as a play-in-browser option for Blackberry, Windows and other platforms.

Site Licensing and Security

The group is licensed in Malta and is overseen by third party accreditors such as Responsible Gaming and eCogra, which verifies the random number generators in its Blackjack, Roulette and Poker games as well as publishes Percentage Payout Reports for the games. The site also features Playcheck and Cashcheck, which allows users to, at the click of a button see their recent gaming history and their recent financial transaction history. Wild Jack also features 128-bit SSL encryption on all of it’s financial transactions- the same caliber used by the major financial institutions in the world.

Blackjack-Themed Promotions

Blackjack is the thematic game of Wild Jack Casino, the name of the Casino derives from the game and many of its promotions revolve around the Blackjack theme. In fact, there is currently on offer a fantastic sign-up bonus which includes $5 free to get started without even depositing a dime, and another $1616 Canadian in bonuses over a new user’s first four deposits. The $1600 in question comes in cash-matching bonuses, and the free cash portion of this promotion equals $5 + $5 + $11=$21=Blackjack!!

Wild Jack Blackjack Games

Wild Jack Casino offers over a whopping 40 modern variants of the game of Blackjack. These include both classic Single Hand games, Multi-Hand, UK-Style Pontoon, Spanish 21, and even a Triple 7’s Progressive Jackpot version.

Classic Blackjack offers the most historic and well-known version of the game. Played with a single deck, achieving Blackjack pays out 3:2 and Insurance pays out 2:1. This online Blackjack real money game features a hole card, so one of the dealer’s cards is facing down.

By contrast, Atlantic City Blackjack Gold Series uses 8 decks. And though again Blackjack pays 3:2 and Insurance pays 2:1 and a hole card is used, this game features the interesting “surrender” option. This is where a player can give up half his bet instead of playing out the hand. This is useful in a number of situations where the player’s knows their odds to be less than 50%.

European Blackjack is another Wild Jack Casino Blackjack game offered. Played with 2 decks, the standard payouts are used. The twist in this game is that the dealer automatically stands if he has a soft 17. That means that if he has an ace in his hand and it potentially adds to 17 he cannot take a hit to improve his hand. This game has its own variant called European Blackjack Redeal Gold Series. In this variant you can choose to redeal either your hand or the dealer’s hand, adding another layer of excitement.

Yet another Wild Jack Casino Blackjack variant is called “Double Exposure”. In this casino for real money game both of the dealer’s cards are exposed, creating a different strategic picture than some of the other Blackjack games previously mentioned. To compensate for additional information, Blackjack only pays 1:1 and the dealer hits on a soft 17. Eight decks are used, reducing the ability to count cards.

Bonus and Progressive Jackpot Blackjack

Bonus Blackjack is a real money Blackjack variant that offers the opportunity to place side bets on the chance of being dealt certain hands. These include 50:1 payout for being dealt a Jack and the Ace of Spades, a 25:1 payout for being dealt Jack and Ace suited – and pays out 5:2 for any two suited cards. This adds a whole new layer of fun to the game. This game is played with a hole card. Two decks are used and the dealer hits on a soft 17. Otherwise the game is standard for the site with a Blackjack payout of 3:2, and Insurance of 2:1.

Triple 7’s Blackjack is the progressive jackpot version of the game. Here 5 decks are used and most of the same standard payouts are employed with one huge difference. If one is dealt three seven of diamonds then the progressive jackpot is won. This jackpot is paid into by all previous losing bets, and currently this jackpot stands at over $89,000 Canadian! This is surely the most thrilling version on offer.

Finally, Wild Jack Casino offers multi-hand versions of many of the online casino Canada real money Blackjack games, including both the Classic and Atlantic City variations. The basic rules are the same except for that the player has multiple hands, and in the style of megaspin slot machines, a higher chance of a thrilling win each time it is played.

Wild Jack Roulette Offerings

The game of Roulette represents the ultimate in pure casino for real money gambling thrill as there is nothing to do but watch the ball bounce around, dancing between victory and ruin. Furthermore, if one bets on an individual square there is the enticing possibility of winning over thirty times the bet amount on a single hit.

Wild Jack Casino offers a number of online Roulette for real money games, including French Roulette, French Roulette Gold Series, Multi-Wheel Roulette, European Roulette, European Roulette Gold Series and the Progressive Jackpot version called Roulette Royale.

French Roulette is the classic version of the game with 36 numbers and a green zero for the house. Multi-wheel roulette is the megaspin version of the game. In this variation, one spins multiple wheels at once, increasing the odds of a spine-tingling win. European roulette has only 35 numbers and a green 0 for the house.

For players looking for a real high-rolling thrill, Roulette Royale throws some Progressive Jackpot action into the mix. In this game if you hit 5 numbers in a row than you get paid the Progressive pot. Again, this is a common pot that a fraction of each bet pays into, and currently, Wild Jack Casino is offering over $100,000 Canadian for hitting this bonus!!


Wild Jack Casino is a modern online casino with a sterling reputation in the industry that offers all the bells and whistles of transaction security and top-quality customer service – not to mention top-tier signup benefits. It also offers a stunning array of Blackjack and Roulette variants, running the gamut from Classic, to International versions and even wild Progressive Jackpot variations. This makes for some real money casino action that is truly worth your time! See you out there!!!

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