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Is It Legal to Play Online Slots in Indonesia


Indonesia is a country with beautiful destinations and raging nightlife. But the downside to it is that gambling is illegal in Indonesia. One of the reasons behind it is that Indonesia is a Muslim dominated country and Muslims have strict laws against gambling.

There is also idnsport betting, and that is also illegal.

There are no legal casinos or poker rooms in Indonesia. Thus, playing online slots is, too, illegal in Indonesia. The majority of the population supports this strongly, but this is something that doesn’t fit well with the tourists.

The tourists that visit Indonesia aren’t necessarily Muslim, and their culture varies widely. They have seen craving casinos and the high that comes with gambling. So they end up going to illegal casinos and poker rooms, and they are robbed of all the money. Furthermore, if they are caught doing gambling, there are strict laws and punishments for the same.

Punishments for Gambling in Indonesia

Gambling is a serious offense, and there are serious consequences if someone is caught gambling. There are many stories that are there about punishments of gambling that can be used as a warning to others. Some people were caned, irrespective of gender, when found guilty of gambling.

You can also get imprisoned for a period of 3-5 years. The Indonesian government doesn’t have strict laws, but the citizens do not support such activities. The country took measures when gambling affected the economy of the country.

Online Casinos in Indonesia

People who still wanted to gamble found an outlet through online gambling. There are gambling rules in Indonesia and online gambling, too, falls under that category. Thus, online gambling is illegal in Indonesia. All types of casino games are available in online gambling. The Indonesian government has issued a license to many sites, and risks are comparatively lower.

The risk is not still zero, and thus you can still get punished for the same. This helps the tourists as they can get a way of gambling in Indonesia, where traditional land based casinos are of scarcity.

List of Online Casinos in Indonesia

Some of the low-risk gambling sites that you can visit for online gambling for fun and winning money are:

  • 1XBet Casino
  • ComeOn Casino
  • Dafabet Casino
  • JackpotCity Casino
  • 22Bet Casino

These are some sites that you can play poker, baccarat, blackjack, and also online slots as well. Though not completely legal, these are the sites that you can visit for gambling.


The bottom line of the matter being is that online gambling, including online slots, isn’t legal because of the gambling laws in Indonesia. But there are some sites that are licensed by the government that you can visit to gamble on low risks than others. You should avoid going to illegal casinos and poker rooms as they have serious repercussions. It would help if you kept in mind that gambling is looked down on in Indonesia by the government and the people alike.

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